Why Attend

“The content was terrific, thought-provoking and useful. An amazing group of people gathered in San Diego to exchange ideas, share best practices, and find opportunities for collaboration going forward.”

Sally Helme, Publisher of Sailing World and Cruising World

“The content and participation gave an inspiring message about our sport and its future. The delivery of the entire Forum was world class.”

Riki Hooker, VP Sales RS Sailing North America

“The Forum is a great example of what can happen when we all align around a common objective, and how we can bring disparate interests and factions together in a collaborative environment to focus on common interests rather than differing beliefs.”

Jack Gierhart, Executive Director of US Sailing

“The breakout sessions were interesting and more importantly, useful. There was an amazing amount of knowledge shared by some very talented people. The hardest part was trying to decide which breakout sessions to attend.”

Bruce McArthur, President of the Sonar Class Association

An All-Star cast of sailing leaders representing every aspect of the sport will be assembled with these top initiatives:

Networking – Have meaningful discussions with sailors representing other interests in the sport, types of sailing, and industries. Attendees are able to observe and reflect on the common issues they share, and how they can work together to achieve better results.

Collaboration – How can community sailing centers and yacht clubs collaborate with each other on key initiatives to grow sailing and support sailors? How can these organizations and other sailing industries integrate with their local communities to provide more awareness for prospective new sailors and waterfront access for current sailors? How can we all collaborate to develop more creative ways to get people on the water.

Diversity will be a key topic that attendees discuss and debate. Accessibility and affordability is a key element of the issue.

Invest in beginners, both youth and adult. Learn how to utilize the more experienced instructors and coaches with beginner and junior sailing programs.

Safety remains a hot button topic in the sailing community. Training and consultation for comprehensive emergency action and crisis communication plans is in high demand. Attendees will learn more about emergency procedures including rules and responsibilities for staff and volunteers, potential dangers, safety equipment policies, crisis checklist timelines, and more.

Marketing and Communications – Sessions will focus on evolving with best practices in website marketing and social media. Attendees will learn more about the value of analytics in determining the success rate of their interaction with club members or other sailors.

Share your story in San Diego – Are you trying to make change in sailing? What successes and challenges are you having while trying something new? US Sailing wants to hear from you!

Help us bring the sport together!