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Developing Programs

Building a Successful Junior Program: Curriculum to Class Offerings

Junior Sailing: Beyond Regattas

Going Green: Sustainable Practices for Programs and Regattas

Creating a Powerboat Program for All Ages

How to Develop an Adaptive Sailing Program

Grant Writing 101: Building a Strong Case for Foundation Support

Adult Learn to Sail Programs

Attracting Students and Keeping Members

The Post College Crowd: Hear from THEM Why They Stay Sailing

The Business of REACH


How to Unleash the Power of Social Media and Make it Work

“Around the Winch” Fast-Paced Moderated Discussion with Sailing’s Media

Print vs. Electronic Newsletters: Finding the Best Way to Communicate

Sponsorship Case Studies: Create the Win-Win (Audio Below)

Pitch Perfect – How to Sell Sponsorships: Present Your 30 Second Pitch

Maintaining and Sustaining Your Brand Identity: Creative Ways to Increase your Visibility in the Community

Homepage Must Haves & Other Website Tips

PR. Make Your Story Matter

Where is Your Regatta Website? Preparing Competitors & Engaging the Public


Recruiting, Hiring, Retaining & Motivating Staff

Lawyers, Nuns and Money: Staying OSHA and USCG Compliant

Helping Sailors Succeed In Spite of their Parents

Club Insurance Is Like Gybing, You have to Think Ahead

How to Make Your Nonprofit Thrive: Structure and Strategy

Collaborations: Community, Class and Club

Anyone Can be a Boss, Can You Be a Leader? Focusing and Inspiring Volunteers

Emergency Action Plans: What You Need to Know

Financial Benchmarking & Yacht Club Survey Data

Regatta and Racing

Anatomy of 28 Years of Large Fun Regatta

Hot Rum Regatta


Offshore Special Regs Translated to Plain American

Organizing a Great Regatta: Learn the Secrets of Successful Events

Race Management Excellence and Technology:It’s Not Just for the America’s Cup

Building Race Management Resources at Your Club:Recruiting, Training and Supporting Your Volunteers

Regatta Safety Planning, Operation & Emergency Response

Classes/Fleets: How to Grow Them, How to Keep Them Strong

Implementing an Offshore Safety & Preparedness Plan

Grow Sport/Fleet/Class/Club/Organization

Industry & Sport Town Hall How can the Industry Work with you to Help Grow the Sport?

Success with PHRF: Growing your Fleet

Lowering the Average Age of your Sailors: Attracting Youths and Keep them Engaged

Fleet & Club-Owned Boats Selection – Right Fit for your Club

Creating Sailing Opportunities: Diversifying through Outreach

Building Aligning Motivating Your Organization: Achieve Your Org’s Goals

Sell-Out Cruising Events: Mastering the Sailboat Sunflower

Keep Those Boats in the Water: Integrating High School Sailing to your Organization

Growing Membership and Increasing Participation

Bringing the Bottom Up: 20 Coaching Strategies for Larger Fleets

Rules & Officials

Race Officials at a Youth Event: Making it Safe, Fair and FUN!

Judges’ & Race Officers’ Roundtable: An Informal Discussion – BYO Questions & Problems

Beyond the Tape Measure and Scale: What is Equipment Control About?

Intriguing and Useful Cases and Appeals: What Racing Sailors and Race Officials Need to Know

Organizing & Motivating a Strong Race Committee Group: How to Make it All Work on the Signal Boat

Team Racing

The Rules in the Electronic Age: Technological Innovations, their Advantages and their Pitfalls

Endless Summer: How to Build Year-Round Programming

What is Seamanship and Why is it Important to Sailors Today?


Big Boat State of the Union – Steve Benjamin

Big Boat State of the Union – Stan Honey

Olympic Pathways

Long-Range Planning for your Organization

Athletes in Hiding – The Truth Behind a Sailing Fitness Program

One Design Tuning: A Universal and Practical Approach Applicable to All One Design Classes

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