2016 Event Archives

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Youth Developing Programs

How High School Sailing is Adapting to the Changing Times and Continuing Growth

Building Community Partnerships

Inspiring More Kids: The Nuts and Bolts of Adding Alternative Programming

Coaching: Creating and Supporting a Race Team

Navigating Reach Programming at Your Sailing Center

Hormones, Halyards & Horsepower: Best practices for Gender Separation and Integration in your Programming

Sports Psychology: Setting Expectations on Youth Development

Confessions of a Junior Sailing Committee Chair: Survival Guide to Being a Volunteer Head of a Junior Sailing Program

No Losers: Promoting Non-Competitive Sailing for Kids


Creating Sailing Opportunities: Diversifying through Outreach 2.0

US Sailing: First Sail

Woman’s Sailing: How Successful Women Got Where They are in the Sailing Industry

What Everyone Needs: Membership Growth

Adaptive Sailing Partnerships

Facilitating the Evolution from Junior Sailing to Lifetime Sailor

Promoting Diversity in Sailing through Grassroots Urban Program Development

DIY Public Relations

Developing an Adult Training Program at the Yacht/Sailing Club Level


Uncharted Waters: Digital Storytelling and Engagement Through Sailing

Insurance Doesn’t Matter, Until It Does

Conservation Without Consternation: A Workshop to Lower Your Club/Organization’s Footprint

Moving your Sailing Center from Volunteer to Paid Staff

Anatomy of a Club Renovation

Sailing Organizations: Excellence in Service & Member Experience

How to Utilize US Sailing Programming

Servant Leadership: The Art of Science of Listening to & Supporting your Employees

HR: Building, Aligning and Motivating your All-Star Staff


How to Keep Your Event or Season Series Relevant the 107th Time You’ve Done It

Sponsor Activation: How to Make Sure the Sponsor Gets What They want out of the Events

Coast Guard: Racing Inshore/Offshore Events, Being Proactive Before Its Required

Growing your Business in Digital Space

Build Your Racing Fleet in Fun and Interesting Ways

Large Events at Small Venue: Bidding, Logistics, Public/Private Partnerships

Pitch Perfect: Attracting the Media

Integrating Match Racing at your Organization

Scoring Methods for Handicap Racing


Let’s Get It On: Life Jacket Tips, Updates & Sea Tow Foundation’s Loaner Program

How to Create a Safety Ethos at Your Organization or Event

How Safe is your Mark Set Boat?

Safety Hazards Lurking Around Sailing Programs

Lessons Learned from Recent Sailing Incidents

The Sail for Justice Story

The Business of Safe Powerboat Handling

Improving Offshore Safety with the Right Gear

Thunderstorms: A Primer for Coastal and Inland Sailors

Race Management

Teaching the Racing Rules to Sailors and Managing Open Protest Hearings: How-to-Pointers

Leadership on the Water: Building Your Race Committee A-Team

Beyond Triangles: Building Dynamic Race Courses

Technology for Race Organizers, Officials and Sailors

Indianapolis 500, Chicago Yacht Club and the Yale University Bulldogs – What do they all have in common? Going Green!

Regatta Safety Best Practices: What to Do, What Not to Do and What If the Unexpected Happens


SAP: Sail Insight

Click Here for Sailors: Reducing Barriers to Participation Through Online Education

Adapting Boats to Bodies: US Sailing’s Adaptive Instructor Workshop and Related Strategies



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