Forum Schedule

The Sailing Leadership Forum 2018 schedule will feature presentations from experts on a wide variety of topics that address the challenges we all share.

(Last Updated 1/24/2018)

As we continue to build and expand off of topics from 2016, 2018 will also introduce new ideas and themes for past and new attendees.

The primary tracks for the 2018 presentation topics are:

Outside of the Conventional Box
“Not Around the Buoys Again: Innovation in Competitive Youth Sailing”
“Come Fly With Me- Developing a Kiteboard Training Program”

Participation & Growth
“Team Racing and how it helps grow participation in Racing”
“Club Owned Fleet: Pros & Cons and Growth Strategy for Younger Members”

Management, Operations & Governance
“Prepare & Respond to On-Water Crisis”
“Storm Proofing your Facility?”

Technology and Innovation
“Foiling for the Recreational Sailor”
“Demystifying the Rating Rules”

“Why Safety at Sea”
“Adapting to high-speed Sailing: New safety and learning needs in a high performance environment”

Be Selfish- Takeaways for YOU
“Dave Perry’s 10 Favorite World Sailing Cases and US Sailing Appeals”
“Utilize Technology for Self Development”

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