Forum Schedule

The Sailing Leadership Forum 2020 schedule will feature presentations from experts on a wide variety of topics that address the challenges we all share.

*Last Updated 11-25-19*

2020 Keynotes


Kevin Pearce

Kevin Pearce went from being an Olympic gold medal hopeful to suffering a severe traumatic brain injury that nearly took his life. As a champion snowboarder once considered the key rival to Shaun White, earned a silver medal with a thrilling performance at the 2009 Winter X Games. However, in a devastating training accident, Pearce suffered the traumatic brain injury that would change his life forever.

Today Pearce is inspiring the level of admiration that he once did as a spellbinding snowboarder. His uplifting presence has earned reviews ranging from “the experience of a lifetime” to “the best speaker that I have ever heard.” Known for contagious optimism that lifts up audiences, he is delivering a powerful message of perseverance, purpose, overcoming adversity and finding strength through helping others.

Dr. Jason Richardson

Dr. Jason Richardson is a dynamic Executive Coach with documented personal and coaching success in business and elite athletics. Jason specializes in coaching people through major transitions, increasing leadership capabilities, and boosting engagement/morale.

Jason is a World Champion and Pan American Games gold medal pro athlete. He has facilitated seminars, workshops, and delivered keynote talks around the globe for Audi, Lexus College, GT Bicycles, Keller-Williams, USA Cycling, US Olympic Committee, Chico Unified School District, San Diego Housing Authority, and other well-known brands. He has coached seven Olympians and several world champions.

Rain Bennett

Rain Bennett is a two time Emmy-nominated filmmaker, writer, and competitive storyteller with over a decade of experience producing documentary films that focus on health and wellness.

With his company Six Second Stories, he takes the knowledge and skills learned from “indie” filmmaking and uses them to help nonprofits and purpose-driven companies use short form video storytelling in their marketing strategies to deepen their impact on communities and the world.

Bennett has been featured in publications like Men’s Health and Sports Business Global, has contributed to Huffington Post, Breaking Muscle, and Chapelboro, and hosts a podcast called The Storytelling Lab, where he breaks down the art and science of storytelling.

His mission is simple: to make the world happier and healthier by sharing stories of change.

Coach Reed Maltie

"Better Coaching for a Better World” - Coach Reed is Founder of Raising Excellence, which trains coaches, educators, and sport leaders through digital learning, live workshops, and custom-built education and certification systems. His clients range from grassroots to National Governing Bodies. His services include curriculum support, coach development resources, and the deployment of large scale education, certification, and mentor programs to thousands of coaches across North America.

He is also the Co-Creator of Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches with Dr. Jane Nelsen, which are focused on empowering coaches to implement social emotional learning and behavioral collaboration methods in coaching, helping coaches communicate, collaborate, and reduce conflict more effectively with young athletes. PD Tools for Coaches uses online Masterclasses, workshops, and trainer certification programs to deploy the DP methods for coaches.

Since the release of his 2015 TEDx Talk “Echoes Beyond the Game”, he’s become a regular guest on radio shows, podcasts, and TV programs across the globe and a highly regarded public speaker known for his dynamic, insightful, and compelling presentations.