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Wednesday February 1, 2023

Intelligent Leadership Igniter Workshop
10:00 - 12:00pm

Experience the power of Intelligent Leadership by immersing yourself in a 2-hour workshop with Executive Leadership Coach Scott Johnson. The Intelligent Leadership method is internationally recognized and acclaimed for producing measurable performance improvement in leaders. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to think and act differently as a leader in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) world and how you can become a role model of leadership for your organization and your team. This workshop focuses on identifying your leadership style and methods to fully leverage your leadership potential to positively influence others. In addition to a great leadership networking opportunity, this workshop also offers 1-on-1 time with Scott. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn, interact and fast-track your leadership success.

Presented By: Scott Johnson, Leadership Executive Coach

Capacity: 20
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Matthew Cohen’s Interactive Sailing Photography Workshop
1:00 - 3:00pm

World Renowned Nautical Camera Man and SLF Official Photographer, Matthew Cohen, will be presenting an exciting workshop that you'll definitely want to sign up for! This 2hr workshop is an interactive and hands on session that will; boost your camera game, show you trade secrets, figure out who and how to hire for your event/yacht club, association and validate your own expensive/unused camera gear!

Bringing your DSLR kit with charged batteries and formatted memory cards. Smart Phones will work if you don’t have a camera kit. 

Topics Covered:

  1. Let talk cameras -Principles of photography and the gear: what happens in a camera, what all the numbers mean,  what to invest in,  tricks of the trade and post production.
  2. Shooting Exercise - Changing your perspectives, lighting, composition, framing, how to prep the gear and more!
  3. How to hire a photographer for your event or sailing organization or shoot yourself
  4. Re Cap, Take-Aways, Q&A

Presented By: Matthew Cohen, World Renowned Nautical Camera Man and SLF Official Photographer

Capacity: 20
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January 29th - 31st

Adaptive Instructor Workshop

The Adaptive Sailing Instructor Workshop covers all aspects of creating and managing an adaptive sailing program over 3 days. Topics Include facility requirements, disability types/populations, breaking down barriers to participation, safety requirements, volunteer/staff training and a detailed overview of how to correctly adapt your equipment (or what equipment is available to purchase). A heavily interactive course, attendees will go through a variety of exercises to help them better understand what’s required to teach sailors with disabilities including; physical, intellectual, vision impairments, autism, etc.

Adaptive Sailing Instructor at Davis Island Yacht Club
1/29/2023   -   1/31/2023
Instructor: Christopher Childers
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Davis Island Yacht Club
1315 Severn Ave
Tampa, FL 33606-4098

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