Important Yacht Club Survey for #SLF2014 Attendees

US Sailing is working with Club Benchmarking to gather key yacht club financial and operational information from hundreds of yacht clubs in conjunction with the upcoming Sailing Leadership Forum in San Diego, Calif.

Your industry experience is important to us. We invite you to join the many other participating yacht clubs by taking this detailed survey. Many clubs across the country, including some of your fellow yacht clubs, currently subscribe to the Club Benchmarking service and are confident with the integrity of the process. Your club’s information will be collected confidentially and compiled anonymously. Only you will have access to your club’s specific information.

Clubs that participate in the survey will each receive a free copy (digital) of the summary report that will be presented at the Sailing Leadership Forum in San Diego, Calif. on February 6-8. This is a US Sailing funded project, so participation in the survey is at no cost to your club. Our goal is to conduct an annual survey making the results available to survey participants.

Club Benchmarking is the private club industry”s single, centralized, data-sharing platform working closely with the Club Managers Association of America. Many yacht clubs – small and large – already use Club Benchmarking’s service. Participants in the US Sailing survey that decide to become a subscriber to Club Benchmarking will be able to complete automatic, powerful, strategic comparative analysis of their club against specific peer sets or the industry at large. Such strategic comparative analysis has become a powerful decision support tool for many clubs.

Please click here for detailed instructions on how participate in the survey.

The deadline for data entry is Friday, January 24, 2014! For questions regarding your account or data entry please contact us at